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Affordable Process Service has been helping law firms and self-represented parties file and serve legal documents for over 10 years. Common civil processing cases we work with include contracts, property disputes, family relations and civil suits. You can count on us to serve the legal documents required for you to sue a defendant in court. We take pride in our quick, efficient service and high-quality work ethic.

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Top services we offer

When you need a process serving company to file your legal documents, Affordable Process Service is here to help. We offer a wide range of civil processing services, including:

Court document filing
Legal document retrieval
Professional document serving
Mobile notary services

Each address needing to be served is $75 and 50% reduction in payout on each additional person served at the same address. There is an additional payout for serves at military bases, jails, and prisons of $75. We make process serving painless and you are in good hands with ex-military, experienced process servers at Affordable Process Service.

Whether you're completing a business transaction with a buyer or you want someone to appear in court, we can help you get the proper documents signed and delivered. Contact us now to speak with an experienced process server.

Why choose us?

When hiring a process server, you want to work with someone who has the proper credentials, experience and dedication. Affordable Process Service is licensed, insured and certified by the Judicial Branch Certification Commission under #PSC19798. We also have over a decade of experience under our belt.

Our first attempt will be made within 48 hours of receipt. Each service request will receive 4 to 6 service attempts. If personalized service cannot be done, documents will be placed on the door within 2 days, when permissible. And once service is done, proof of service will be provided within 72 hours. We're committed to protecting your legal documents and serving them quickly so you can experience a hassle-free filing process.